Schuchart, Manmiller score wins at Grandview Speedway (2024)

It was a thrilling night of action at the Grandview Speedway on Tuesday with the evening marking the 155th event of the Thunder on the Racing Series.

Logan Schuchart claimed his first Thunder on the Hill Racing Series victory winning $10,000 and the prestigious Greg Hodnett Cup, while Doug Manmiller secured a win in the NASCAR 358 Modified portion of the event.

The action-packed night celebrated an exciting doubleheader of two of the most popular divisions

“Greg Hodnett was awesome to me and winning a race in his honor is really cool,” Schuchart said in victory lane. “It means a lot to me to get this win.”

Schuchart and Anthony Macri lined up on the front row for the start of the 35-lap 410 Sprint Car A-Main, setting the stage for a thrilling Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek race.

Macri took the lead immediately, but by the fourth lap was navigating heavy lapped traffic.

Slower cars allowed Schuchart to close the gap and he overtook Macri on the outside by lap 8, claiming the top position.

The lead see-sawed between the two drivers through the second half, with Macri challenging vigorously and pulling side-by-side by lap 20.

“The Concrete Kid,” Macri boldly attempted – but did not complete – a slider as laps continued to tick away, but he persisted and reclaimed the lead on lap 23, only for Schuchart to drive underneath him just a few circuits later.

Schuchart, Manmiller score wins at Grandview Speedway (1)

As the laps wound down, the intensity mounted.

Macri, right on Schuchart’s back bumper by lap 32, made one last effort to grab the victory on the final lap. With Schuchart at the helm, Macri barreled into turn three colliding with the wall as the two raced towards the checkered flag.

Schuchart’s victory – his first at Grandview Speedway – was well earned in a race that ran from green to checkers without a single caution and was fraught with heavy lapped traffic throughout.

Macri was second with Devon Borden, Danny Dietrich and Skyler Gee completing the top five.

Schuchart had the fastest lap of the night at 12.073 seconds, while qualifying races were won by Danny Dietrich, Devon Borden, and Jesse Attard.

Schuchart, Manmiller score wins at Grandview Speedway (2)

Doug Manmiller of Shoemakerville picked up the win in the NASCAR 358 Modified portion of the doubleheader. Manmiller overtook Timmy Buckwalter on the third lap of the 30-lap main event. Buckwalter remained in contention for the win in chase of the $2,000 bonus.

The caution flew for the first time on lap 8 when Danny Bouc slowed on the speedway, but that didn’t stop Manmiller who charged quickly away from Buckwalter and VonDohren setting a sizable lead over his competition.

Multiple cautions in the final ten laps weren’t enough to stop Manmiller – aboard the Jason Miller No. 44 machine. He easily sailed to victory with Timmy Buckwalter finishing in the second position, Jeff Strunk in the third position, Craig VonDohren in fourth and Mike Gular rounding out the top five.

410 Sprints

Time Trials

1. Logan Schuchart – 12.073 2. Anthony Macri – 12.293 3. Emerson Axsom – 12.305 4. Danny Dietrich – 12.322 5. Devon Borden – 12.434 6. Kody Hartlaub – 12.486 7. Skylar Gee – 12.522 8. Troy Wagaman – 12.576 9. Jesse Attard – 12.589 10. Aaron Bollinger – 12.593 11. Ryan Taylor – 12.619 12. Lucas Wolfe – 12.626 13. Dylan Norris – 12.628 14. JJ Loss – 12.684 15. Chris Arnold – 12.775 16. Reese Nowatarski – 12.829 17. Kyle Reinhardt – 12.840 18. TJ Stutts – 12.869 19. Lance Dewease – 13.020 20. Freddie Rahmer – 13.096 21. Tyler Ross – 13.109 22. Mike Thompson – 13.231 23. Hayden Miller – 13.432 24. Dirk Rimrott – 14.038.

Heat 1 (10 Laps) – 1. Danny Dietrich 2. Skylar Gee 3. Aaron Bollinger 4. Logan Schuchart 5. Dylan Norris 6. Lance Dewease.
Heat 2 (10 Laps) – 1. Devon Borden 2. Troy Wagaman 3. Anthony Macri 4. Ryan Taylor 5. Kyle Reinhardt 6. Freddie Rahmer.
Heat 3 (10 Laps) – 1. Jesse Attard 2. Kody Hartlaub 3. Emerson Axsom 4. Lucas Wolfe 5. TJ Stutts 6. Tyler Ross.

A-Main (35 Laps)

1. Logan Schuchart 2. Anthony Macri 3. Devon Borden, 4. Danny Dietrich, 5. Skyler Gee, 6. Emerson Axsom, 7. Troy Wegaman, 8. Kyle Reinhardt, 9. Kody Hartlaub, 10. Dylan Norris, 11. Tyler Ross, 12.Aaron Bollinger, 13. Jesse Attard, 14. Lance Dewease, 15. Ryan Taylor, 16 Lucas Wolfe, 17. TJ Stutts, 18. Freddie Rahmer, 19. Reese Nowatarski, 20.Hayden Miller, 21. Mike Thompson, 22. JJ Loss, 23. Chris Arnold, 24. Dirk Rimrott.

358 Modifieds

Heat 1 (10 Laps) – 1. Craig VonDohren 2. Jeff Strunk 3. Timmy Buckwalter 4. Louden Reimert 5. Logan Bauman 6. Ron Haring Jr.
Heat 2(10 Laps) – 1. Duane Howard 2. Danny Bouc 3. Mike Gular 4. Brian Hirthler 5. Kevin Hirthler 6. Alex Yankowski.
Heat 3(10 Laps) 1. Doug Manmiller 2. Justin Grim 3. Rick Laubach 4. Dave Dissinger 5. Billy Pauch Jr. 6. Bobby Trapper Jr.

Feature (30 Laps)

1. Doug Manmiller 2. Timmy Buckwalter 3. Jeff Strunk 4. Craig VonDohren 5. Mike Gular 6. Duane Howard 7. Alex Yankowski 8. Rick Laubach 9. Billy Pauch Jr. 10. Kevin Hirthler 11. Jared Umbenhauer 12. Loudon Reimert 13. Brian Hirthler 14. Dillon Steuer 15. Justin Grim 16. Kyle Smith 17. Logan Bauman 18. Nate Brinker 19. Dave Dissinger 20. Michael Burrows 21. Eric Kormann 22. Adrianna Delliponti 23. Jesse Hirthler 24. Ron Harring Jr. 25. Bobby Trapper Jr.

Schuchart, Manmiller score wins at Grandview Speedway (2024)


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