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  • Welcome to Parent Connection and Southfield Public School's Student Information System, MISTAR! Parent Connection allows you to navigate your child's record ...

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  • MiStar Student Portal · Student Code of Conduct · Clever · FasTrack to College ... © 2024 Southfield Public Schools Powered by Foxbright · Download the latest ...

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  • Student Portal. For Parents: Edit Contact Information. Report Card & HS GPA ... Mistar Portal · Schoology · K-12 PreReg · Meals & Nutrition. Empowering Students ...

  • Select an Option Below:FAQs can be found on the ParentPortal login page.   Parent Portal Student Portal  For Parents: Edit Contact Information Report Card & HS GPA Current Term GPA Cafeteria payments Attendance Transcripts Schedules Email notification: attendance, cafeteria account, report card For Middle and High School Students: Report Card & HS GPA  Current Term GPA Attendance Transcripts Cafeteria account balance Schedules Course Requests and more  ParentPortal Instructions   Please use this form link with any MISTAR issues: https://gpschools.formstack.com/forms/mistar_parent_support  .

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  • The MiStar Parent Portal is the window into your student's school day. To gain access to Parent Portal contact your child's school and provide your email ...

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MiStar Parent Portal - Belleville - Van Buren Public Schools

7. Clever Student Portal | Southfield MI | Laurus Academy

  • The Clever Student Portal is accessible from the school's website through Beyond the Classroom > Clever Student Portal. Students will enter their NHA username ...

  • The Clever Student Portal gives our schools greater flexibility when managing student-appropriate applications and provides greater ease of use for students and parents.

Clever Student Portal | Southfield MI | Laurus Academy

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e-Transcripts - State of Michigan

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  • Apr 16, 2024 · MISTAR Parent Connect provides a safe, secure and easy access to your child's school record. Q: How do I sign up for MISTAR ParentPortal ? When ...

  • You Will Find The “mistar southfield” Top Links Here. You Have To Click On The Link And Login Into The Account Using The Correct Login Details.

10. Student Portal | Southfield School

  • Remote Learning Visit www.portal.office.com, where you will be asked to sign in. Use your school login details (username starting with...

  • Remote Learning Visit www.portal.office.com, where you will be asked to sign in.  Use your school login details (username starting with...

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  • Enter your email address and your password will be emailed to you. STUDENT PORTAL. Login to MISTAR Student Portal. 6-12 students can reset their passwords ...

  • Login to MISTAR Parent Portal

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  • Parents can utilize the MiStar Parent Portal to get a peek into their child's daily school life. This Portal helps parents become familiar with classroom ...

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  • In September, Student Connect will be introduced. This is similar to MISTAR ParentPortal, but students will be able to see the same information that parents ...

  • Login to MISTAR ParentPortal To see your student's schedule, please check the Show All box.  Locker Information is located in the Enrollment area. To see the locker combo, please click on the icon that looks like a lock to the left of the locker information. MISTAR ParentPortal Quick Reference How to Access the Report Card Legend on Elementary School Report Cards FAQ's Q:  What is MISTAR ParentPortal?MISTAR ParentPortal is an informational resource made available to every family at no cost. This resource provides real-time information about your child's grades and attendance, class schedule and immunization records. MISTAR ParentPortal provides safe, secure and easy access to your child's school record. Q:  How do I sign up for MISTAR ParentPortal?When enrolling for the first time in Farmington Public Schools and providing a valid email address, an email will be sent the following business day with your pin and password. If you do not receive your login information within 72 hours, please contact your student's school. Q:  Who do I contact for additional information or issues with MISTAR ParentPortal?Please contact your child’s school. Q:  What do I do if I forget my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?In the login page, go to the “forgot my login” link.  Click here and your password will be sent to the email address on file.  If you do not have an email address on file, you will need to contact your child’s school. Q:  How do I change my password?To change y...

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  • Parent/guardian log inDistrict admin log in · Parent/guardian log inDistrict admin log in. Clever. Clever © 2024. https://clever.com/trust/privacy/policy. https ...

  • https://clever.com/trust/privacy/policy

Mistar Student Portal Southfield (2024)


What is the dress code for Southfield public schools? ›

Students must wear collared, short or long sleeved shirts and blouses in the following solid colors: tan, black, blue, brown, white, pink and yellow. No sleeveless shirts are allowed.

How many students are in Southfield School District? ›

editorial. Southfield Public School District is a public school district located in SOUTHFIELD, MI. It has 4,933 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1.

How many public schools in the US have dress codes? ›

Nearly 20% of public schools in the 2019-2020 school year required students to wear a uniform and 44% enforced a "strict" dress code, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Are dress codes good for schools? ›

3) Dress codes in school settings reduce social conflict and peer pressure that may be associated with appearance. 4) Studies indicate that a school dress code can reduces the prevalence of certain behaviors which are often expressed through wardrobe such as violence or promiscuity.

What county is Southfield, MI in? ›

Southfield is a city in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

Who is the head of the Michigan schools? ›

Michael F. Rice was appointed Michigan's 44th Superintendent of Public Instruction by Michigan's State Board of Education in May 2019. Since his appointment as state superintendent and chairman of the State Board of Education, Dr.

Who is the head of Detroit Public schools? ›

Detroit Public Schools Community District is Michigan's largest public education system. It is governed by a locally-elected, seven-member board with Dr. Nikolai Vitti serving as superintendent.

What is the dress code for Southfield school Sixth Form? ›

Students are expected to abide by our dress code at all times - smart business wear. Smart trousers in a dark colour. Stripes and patterns are permitted. Jeans, leggings and leather trousers are not permitted.

What is the dress code for Detroit public schools? ›

Students in grades 3rd-5th uniforms have red tops and black bottoms with black shoes. Students in grades 6th-8th uniforms have black tops and black bottoms with black shoes. * Color: All slacks and pants must be a solid color: Khaki, navy blue, or black. (Leggings and tights are not allowed.)

What are some commonly prohibited attire at schools? ›

Commonly prohibited attire includes clothing that reveals too much of the body, contains racially insensitive symbols, promotes alcohol or tobacco, or suggests violence.

Does Dexter Southfield have a uniform? ›

At Dexter Southfield, each division has its own dress code appropriate for the age of its students and marks a student's progression from division to division. The Dress Code reflects purposefulness and the School's belief that personal appearance positively impacts respect and attitudes in a community.


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