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Chapter 3293 Tang Nixa and Tang Poyun

A huge explosion occurred and swept away everyone present.

With such a big explosion, they might not survive easily.

"Fufufufu, I wonder if he can survive." Chu Yuechan was quite curious about whether they could survive Ye Chen's attack.

They were quite arrogant from the start, so Chu Yuechan wanted to see if they could survive Ye Chen's attack.

The results would be out soon, so Chu Yuechan wanted to see whether they could survive.

The fog disappeared, and Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan could see no figure.

"They can't survive," Chu Yuechan said.

"They took my attack directly; it's clear that they won't survive," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Because they received Ye Chen's attack directly, it was very likely that they suffered injuries.

Several people were lying in a big hole; they were injured by Ye Chen's attack.

"Damn it. ." they had injuries; Ye Chen's attack, of course, destroyed them.

They got up; who would have thought that the attack that Ye Chen launched would be strong enough to knock them out?

Even their proud white armor couldn't withstand the attack launched by Ye Chen.

"two of us fell." two of them had fallen, and both men died from their wounds.

Now, they only have six people left, which is news and bad news for them.

"Damn, we can't underestimate this guy anymore, we've lost three people" they've lost three people.

And to be honest, this is pretty bad news; they lost three people. What do they have to do to fill the current void?

"We unite our strength and fight him." they agreed to unite their strength to fight Ye Chen.

By combining forces, they began to attack Ye Chen.

"Boom. ." Their combined strength was immense; their strength was quite shocking.

"It seems like we should also step in," Dongfang Xiu said to Gu Xun.

"um . ." Gu Xun agreed with what Dongfang Xiu said.

They also had to take part in the battle because Ye Chen had problems facing all of them.

"Guardian Shield" they uses their power to create a defense.

With such strength, they should be able to defend better.

"swords of truth," The after making a defense that was strong enough and powerful enough, started to attack Ye Chen.

They used their abilities to attack and fight Ye Chen.

"Seriously, they dare to use words like the sword of truth, are they shameless?" Ye Chen laughed as he listened to what they said.

"Their technique is like a defender of truth, even though they are a bunch of trash"

"They are trash, so let's solve them and find out who hired them," Dongfang Xiu said to Ye Chen.

After agreeing, they divided the enemy.

Ye Chen faced two, Dongfang Xiu faced two, and Gu Xun faced two, in that way, they could easily defeat the enemy in front of them.

"this is the real battle, let's start" Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu and Gu Xun.

He invited the two of them to do a real battle.

"Boom. . . ." Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu, and Gu Xun started to launch their attacks.

The enemy's defense was very strong, the attacks they used could only scratch their defense.

"They have super tough defense if only they used that from the start," said Gu Xun.

"If only they had done this from the start, then it is certain that they would be completely safe," said Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu also understood that if they had done it earlier, they would not have lost to Ye Chen.

"What they did was completely too late; they won't be able to turn back time to before," said Ye Chen.

They're late; they won't be able to turn back time.

"attack" Their did not stay still, and Ye Chen was attacked using several slashes.

"I will take care of this matter," Ye Chen said to Gu Xun and Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen would take care of the enemy's attacks. Meanwhile, Gu Xun and Dongfang Xiu could focus more on destroying the enemy's defenses.

Dongfang Xiu and Gu Xun understood; they did what Ye Chen wanted, and they started to attack with greater strength.

Gu Xun used the power of fire, while Dongfang Xiu used her power of ice.

With their combined attacks, a slight crack formed, and they had to make the most of the opportunity.

"Deadly." they ignored the attacks from Dongfang Xiu and Gu Xun, they focused more on attacking Ye Chen.

They were annoyed because Ye Chen killed their colleague. After all, the first person they targeted was Ye Chen.

They should be able to easily kill Ye Chen by targeting Ye Chen.

They had already combined their attacks, this alone was enough to kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was able to defend very well, he defended against enemy attacks.

"master, you are fine, how long can you last?" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

she wanted to know how long Ye Chen would be able to last.

"I can still last long enough, you don't need to worry about that problem," Ye Chen said that he could last long enough, so Chu Yuechan didn't need to worry about that problem.

"Very good, then I don't need to protect you" because Ye Chen said that Chu Yuechan didn't need to protect Ye Chen.

"clank . . ." their defense suddenly collapsed.

"What ! ! !" they all looked shocked when they saw the defense they had created destroyed.

The Guardian Shield is the strongest defense they have mastered; with a defense like that, they should be safe and impossible to penetrate.

"pierced, now is the time to separate them," Ye Chen said to Gu Xun, Dongfang Xiu.

It was time to separate them, and they wouldn't be able to fight at full strength if they weren't together.

Dongfang Xiu and Gu Xun understood what Ye Chen wanted.

Dongfang Xiu used an ice storm, while Gu Xun used a flame storm to blow away the enemy.

Now that they are separated into three parts, they will never be together again.

Ye Chen fought two people, Gu Xun fought two people, and Dongfang Xiu fought two.

"Now, what can you do?" Ye Chen asked what they could do now.

"Damn, so this was your plan?" Both of them were aware of Ye Chen's plan.

"I am aware of this; you have extraordinary strength when together, so separating you is the right decision," Ye Chen said.

"You are right, but you forget that we are still two, we can still fight together" both said to Ye Chen.

"At most your strength is only 1/3 of the previous one" Ye Chen said to them.

"Even though we are only 1/3 of our strength, we are still strong enough to kill you" they said they were still very capable of killing Ye Chen.

"Are you guys really that strong?" Ye Chen said to the two.

Tang Nixa and Tang Poyun looked at each other.

"let's finish this quickly, we can't waste time." they have to solve this problem quickly.

They must not waste their time and must resolve this problem more quickly.

They released their strength; from what Ye Chen could see, they tried to unite the strength they had.

They united the power they had, after they united the power they had, they created a ball of fire that looked like the sun.

"This?" Ye Chen saw that this attack was similar to the attack used before.

"So this is your way to kill me ?" Ye Chen said to the two.

Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 3293 Tang Nixa and Tang Poyun Free Read Online (2024)


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